Mercedes S680 Maybach

The Mercedes Maybach S680 is for cars what haute couture is to couture. The height of refinement and exclusivity. The Mercedes Maybach takes first-class travel to new heights, and is one step ahead of the rest.

The German manufacturer’s sedan boasts a sumptuous interior that is clearly inspired by haute couture. High-quality materials and a finish worthy of the finest luxury brands. Add to this the car’s technological features and ambient lighting, and you have a car that would make a private plane or a yacht look like a rather modest means of transport.

At the rear of the Mercedes Maybach S680 are the so-called Executive seats, with separate seat and backrest adjustment. They also feature a power-adjustable footrest which, combined with the heel fixed to the front seat, creates a continuous reclining surface for a true sleeping position. This was already possible in the previous Maybach, but the larger dimensions offer even greater comfort.

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